edmat-els ELS provides student assessment and productivity applications for educators, item banks which include technology enhanced items (TEI) for content, formative automative writing assessment, snapshots and benchmark assessments that are aligned to College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS)/Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and management of lesson plans, teacher evaluations, and the RTI process

pd PD Analytics is an online solution that empowers schools and districts to tie professional development spending to measures of teacher improvement and student outcome.


rev360 There are no shortcuts to better student behavior, but there is a better path. Students living with behavioral challenges come through your school doors every day. Give your team the tools and knowledge to help each of these unique students succeed. Review360 is a flexible, powerful, web-based Positive Behavior Support (PBS) system. Review360 helps you efficiently inform team members, track progress, and evaluate and respond to individual student needs. Tightly integrated with and multi-tier RTI model, Review360 combines advanced technology and the latest behavioral research to help students with discipline and behavior issues to achieve success.

edmat-fueleducation Fuel Education is the leader in Virtual Schools and Online Blended Learning Curriculum for the 21st century student. Our course addresses home schoolers, drop-out prevention, and offers paths for career and technical (CTE) students with certified instructors. It is a cost-effective alternative for difficult-to-find teachers, including World Languages and Upper Science courses.

edmat-accelify Accelify is the leading provider of cutting-edge Special Education management systems that provide unprecedented visibility into SPED operations. These systems are proven to create program efficiencies, measure progress, ensure IDEA/IEP compliance, and maximize Medicaid funding. In fact, on average, Accelify clients experience a more than 200% increase in Medicaid reimbursements while maintaining complete compliance. Millions of Medicaid dollars go uncollected in schools every year, and Accelify resolves that issue.

edmat-reaing-coach Web-based version, embedded speech pathologist, Orton-Gillingham Methodology, Diagnostic universal screener, computer assisted, one-of-a-kind reading program for children reading at or below grade level. This offers one-on-one teaching through interactive and on-screen video, providing immediate and positive reinforcement. The program teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, text comprehension, grammar, and meaning and vocabulary. The program provides interactive lessons, an automatic advance feature, and teacher tools, including reports and student accountability features. The placement test, review test, and lessons are all managed by the automatic advance feature, and this program can be used for grade levels K through 12.

Ascend Math Logo Now you can extend math learning beyond the traditional classroom with the Ascend Math Solution. Ascend Math combines continuous assessment, targeted instruction, prescriptive tutorials, and powerful reporting tools, giving you a direct route to improved math performance. Ascend Math is for 4th grade through high school grade level.


edmat-syphony-math Symphony Math is an educational software program that supports the implementation of the NCTM Curriculum Focal Points. Symphony Math addresses some of the most significant mathematical concepts and skills for each year between pre-kindergarten and first grade. Students are challenged to develop a deeper understanding of core mathematical ideas that are fundamental for learning later on. This program is for students pre-k through 5th grade and is perfect to get students ready for state testing.

edmat-bright-fish BrightFish Reading is an online reading practice tool for grades 2-10 that gives struggling learners the opportunity to read engaging, grade-level text, while building word fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Students read passages in a matter of days while gaining confidence with question types from high-stakes tests, including technology enhanced items.


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