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MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach
The MVRC teaches students to comprehend grade level text and to read that text fluently. An MVRC student first becomes proficient in phonological awareness and phonics skills if needed. When a student demonstrates accurate decoding skills, he also receives vocabulary, grammar and meaning instruction. Finally, MVRC delivers explicit fluency training to improve silent reading rate.

MVRC uses methods and strategies of successful reading teachers and speech pathologists. Each student works toward 100% mastery at his or her own pace.


study dog
StudyDog is a highly effective web-delivered reading program for early readers. Children are so engaged, they don’t know they are learning!

StudyDog is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards. It’s the most comprehensive technology-based reading program available.

  • Structured, stepwise method that progresses at your child’s rate because it adapts to how they learn.
  • Covers all five areas of reading – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.
  • The method of instruction is rigorous but doesn’t feel that way to learners. Lessons are so engaging, children learn on their own!


Symphony Math allows teachers to easily identify students at risk, establish their instructional level, track their progress, and provide an individualized intervention. It also helps administrators and teachers implement the Common Core State Standards.



Ascend Math is based on state-of-the-art adaptive technologies which deliver efficient pre-screening, continuous progress monitoring and target instruction, all focused on boosting individual student performance in math. Across all intervention tiers, Ascend delivers clear reporting and documentation, ready access to data and usage statistics so classroom teachers and administrators can make strategic instructional decisions, personalized for each learner.


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